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All the terms and conditions mention here will be applicable on the buyer at the time of buying any type of product from Zoniraz.com

By using Zoniraz.com, you are eligible to buy any product at the given price only. Seller reserves all the rights to terminate Customer’s access, refuse to deliver the product in case of conflict and refund the money after deducting all expenditure bear by seller during the sale-purchase agreement between seller and buyer.

Zoniraz.com also not liable for decline of the transaction, money deduction and order not placed.


Jewellery Guide

We don’t hide any condition behind sell of the product. Our goal is customer satisfaction not a profit so you can trust on us.

We match all the standards of gold purity recommended by government. So, you don’t need to worry.

It’s rusts free, environment condition free and easily store anywhere. It’s a Universally accepted commodity. If you have ideal time and money, then we suggest it’s a best thing to invest.

In price of that we apply making charge and rest is the metal cost as per the market. No extra benefit we are making here.

A carat of diamond measure from its weight. Your diamond can lose its weight after polish. It’s not easy to find perfect diamond because they are so expensive.

However, we provide best quality and trustworthy diamond at best price in the market for your solitaire jewellery.


We provide only those Jewellery which have BIS Hallmark. Purest gold is 24K, but it can’t be converted into jewellery due to softness. To convert it into jewellery all jewellers mix a tiny quantity of copper and this is legal.

A certificate discloses originality of diamond it gives all the require details about purity and value of diamond which you can’t see from your naked eyes.

What information IGI provide:

The diamond with high carat weight is more expensive then less carat weight diamond but this is not only the reason of price difference there are some other reason also impact diamond price such as diamond clarity, color, shape and cut.

Our huge diamond collection can fulfill your requirement, you have to choose diamond only.

For selecting solitaire keep 4 C’s in your mind

Some people think less carat diamond are less beautiful, but we suggest you don’t be confuse. There is no impact of carat on the beauty and shine of diamond. It’s all depends on the cut of diamond. It should be brilliance cut.







Mother’s day Jewellery- We have a collection of jewellery which can make your mother’s day special.

We can solve your trouble with our variety of ornaments.

Daily use of gold ornaments is the reason of gold loses his shine, but we are not saying you should stop wearing them regularly. We are suggesting few ways to save your gold ornaments shine which are hassle free.


Both are the policies are implemented after the quality inspection of the product. Zoniraz reserve the right to change the Exchange and Buy-Back amount of the product.


Exchange Value

Buy Back Value



100% of diamond value at current market rate

90% of diamond value at current market rate


Gold Jewellery

100% of gold value at market rate

95% of Gold value at market rate



100% of gold value at market rate

100% of gold value at market rate


Zoniraz reserves all the rights of accepting return request of the product and in some cases, we do not accept any return because we are providing prime product with excellence service to our customer.

Procedure of Availing Policy- Call our customer care team at 18005726599 or email us at customercare@zoniraz.com and place your exchange / return request.

Make sure that during return you should give payment invoice, certificate of jewellery, product, jewellery box in a good condition, product and packet should be packed in the same form it was delivered. Do not give open packet to our return product collection representative. After quality and design check within 10 working days refund will be processed.

Non-Acceptance of Return- Damaged product will not be accepted and refunded. Any item reworked, customized design by third party jeweller will not be exchanged and refund. Without original certificate and invoice product will not be accepted. Zoniraz reserves all the right of decline any return and exchange of product.

The policy applicable for order delivered within India.

Shipping Charges in case of Return- We charge reasonable shipping charge from customer in case of return and it will be deducted from the cost of product you have paid us during product purchase.

We provide free delivery all over India to our customers. Shipping time takes 24-48hrs for “Available in stocks” and 2 weeks to make it deliver.


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